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HR is the new super-hero for businesses

The pandemic and subsequent lockdown may not have given us enough time to think through how work and our role as people enablers would change, but it has definitely given us enough time to think about how we can come back to a better normal!

88% of HR Leaders believe that this time of crisis has allowed HR professionals to adequately demonstrate their value to the business, importance of HR strategies and mitigating people risk1. Key strategic interventions by HR will help many organizations recover and even thrive through this time – Welcome to a world where HR teams will be Superheroes for their business!

Some key lessons from the top HR leaders in the world, with reference to people challenges in the pandemic and beyond are as follows2:

  • Remote Work is real and its big

  • Going digital is imperative

  • Personal Health and Safety is paramount

  • Providing flexibility for employees’ remote work as this may need to continue

  • Caring, listening and empathy are a priority

  • Remote work requires leaders to provide direction, confidence, and resilience

  • Leadership matters now more than ever.

  • Continued communication from leadership is key

  • Continuity Planning Is Vital: Black Swan Events Happen All the Time