No recycling

We do not recycle candidates from old databases. We work afresh on each mandate. We understand the needs, the culture, the organization, the role, and we match you with candidates after we have evaluated them in line with your expectations.

No robots

Our solutions are made by humans, for humans. We use cutting-edge technology and AI to power our solutions but never compromise on the human aspect. Candidates are spoken to, met, and evaluated – not parsed through a system that runs a keyword search. We dive deep into our networks to for local talent, repatriating professionals and expat talent to ensure a perfect fit!

No one size fits all

We do not present one-size-fits-all solutions. We tap into our global knowledge and experience to ensure that every talent solution is curated and made bespoke for you. We dive deep into what makes you unique and we craft a solution that will solve problems and enhance your business effectiveness. We spend time researching, collating global best-practices, understanding alternatives so you stay ahead of the curve.

We take it personally

We are small. We are boutique. You are always our VIP! We care about each client. We pay attention to you and have all the time you need. Being small makes us agile. We do not burden you with unnecessary paperwork and there are no unnecessary hoops to jump through. Personalized service is our trademark – every client has a dedicated talent consultant

Global Reach – Local Understanding

Our talent networks are global and we are specialists in hiring and managing expat and repatriating talent. With experience in multiple geographies, our talent solutions and research factor in global best practices. We understand the regional and local nuances, your unique business circumstances and operationalize talent and hiring solutions for you.

We guarantee our deliveries

This is not marketing-speak. We ink our guarantees in our contracts. Click here to learn about the kind of guarantees we offer.