Executive coaching, Learning & Development

Learning & Development

Learning and Development, (to re-mix Shakespeare, a bit!) benefits the one that receives and the organization that invests in it. Constantly re-skilling your employees, helps increase productivity and efficacy. It also helps you build a talent pipeline so you have a bed-rock of talent to combat talent shortages and take charge of the growth trajectory of the organization.

On the other hand, employees who benefit from constant learning and development interventions tend to stay on longer in an organization, are more engaged and thus more productive. Learning, development and growth are often some of the top reasons for employees to stay (or leave!) organizations.

We have industry and functional experts to help with training, learning and development needs across the board. We can curate a program from our existing suite or design something from scratch to suit your unique business needs. We develop content, facilitate sessions, check on effectiveness and even help you train your own trainers on programs that deliver knowledge, skills and competencies.

Executive Coaching

Have you noticed the difference in the performance of sporting greats from the yesteryears and today? Whether it’s a team sport like football or an individual sport like tennis, have you noticed the giant strides in professional sport? Technology has a great part to play, but one thing that stands out is the rise of professional coaching. Sports people often have a battery of specialised coaches who help them with every aspect of their game. But the biggest game changer is the affect that the coach has on their mind-set, their approach to teaming, problem-solving, result-orientation, leadership and WINNING!

Our highly skilled and experienced panel of executive coaches are veterans from different industries. They have specialised qualifications in executive coaching and are senior industry leaders with decades of experience. Executive coaching is a potent intervention that can help be a game-changer for your senior management and high-potential employees. It has been proven to have a positive impact on quality of leadership, retention of top talent, creative problem solving, enhanced business results, increased innovation and well, even the Beatles could do with a little help from their friends!

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